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North Melbourne Automatics and Mechanical Repairs


Automatic Transmission Service and Repairs, at New Footscray

Power Steering Service - at New Footscray Automatics

A power steering service is recommended every 50,000 km and is priced at $100.00. This service removes the build-op of sediments in the system which can cause damage over the life of the vehicle and result in expensive repairs. We add a flushing agent to the power steering system and flush properly, and then replace with new power steering oil.

Cooling System Service

Most coolant has a life of approximately 2 years and should be fully flushed out and replaced at the end its life. We use a special flush liquid to ensure all traces of the old coolant have been removed; we then replace the coolant at the right percentage applicable for your vehicle, to protect your cooling system’s many components. We also supply and fit radiators if required.

Brake Fluid Service

Brake fluid is hydroscopic oil which absorbs moisture from the air and should be checked at your regular service to ensure the moisture level is not too high. If the level is not kept at a low percentage it can cause your brake system to rust from the inside and cause damage to the brake system itself.

We check your brake fluid as regular item at every service. We also keep you informed of the percentage and advise when it is necessary to flush your brake system. We use a special brake fluid to flush the entire brake system, and then we replace the new brake fluid and bleed the system properly.

Automotive Diagnostic Scan

We use the very latest in diagnostic equipments to provide customers with exceptional service even in solving those hard -to-find problems that can often occur. The scan tools are capable of quick and accurate diagnosis, making it easy for us to service and repair your car correctly.

Fuel Injection Service

We clean the fuel injectors by using the ultra sound injector cleaning equipment, and clean the fuel rail and lines to improve idling, fuel economy and proven power. We service the fuel injectors and replace necessary parts.

North Melbourne Automatics and Mechanical Repairs