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North Melbourne Automatics and Mechanical Repairs

About Us

New Footscray Automatics has been providing the best automatic transmission and power steering service with honesty, specialty and dependability since 1987, and our technicians have the experience, knowledge and expertise to diagnose and complete restoration works, repairs and services operation.    

New Footscray Automatics has developed a healthy reputation as a leading Automatic Transmission Specialist among the western suburbs that provides quality repair and restoration works. Its reputation is further acknowledged by Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) as an authorized workshop.

Proprietor of New Footscray Automatics, Mr. Brett Cations has over 20 years experience in the Automatic Transmission Industry, with updated knowledge and technical experience when diagnosing your transmission.

Our large workshop is equipped with 3 hoists and the latest diagnostic tools allowing us to provide a comprehensive diagnose, repair, rebuild and service operation without delay, along with free road test before any work is carried out and onsite parking. If your vehicle needs to be towed we can organize the towing to our workshop

Our mission

The mission of New Footscray Automatics is to provide our customers with the highest level of service at all times, and to understand and meet the needs of our clients without exception.  At all times we remain dedicated to our work being of the highest standard, whilst maintaining value to our customers by better efficiency in our internal management and procedures. We also treat all clients with respect and courteous attention at all times, including providing a "Female Friendly" environment. We provide a secure and excellent workplace for our staff, and maintain our awareness and training with new technology and to encourage our staff in the learning process.

To find out more about what  New Footscray Automatics can do for you and your vehicle, take a look at our Services, Automatics and Mechanical pages, or contact us today.

North Melbourne Automatics and Mechanical Repairs